Most people are clueless about how to become a pack leader to their dogs. This is the question dog owners keep asking. It is never an easy task to convince your dog that you are the one in charge. The pack leader is more like the decision maker. Your job it to instruct them how to walk and behave themselves in certain situations.

It is import you first get to understand how a dog pack functions. It is the pack leader that makes all the decisions. If you pass the responsibility of decision making to your dog, there is a good chance that they will do something nasty someday.

To understand how to become the pack leader, it is important to know that the following has very little effect on your dog:

  • The type of car you drive, the size of your home, and the amount of money you take home as pay check. All your dog really cares about is a nice snack.
  • Telling your dog to sit for lunch in no way makes you a pack leader; being the first to walk out of the door and them following will do.
  • It is also a bad idea to try dominating your dog. Doing this will bounce right back at you. It is a bad idea to lay emphasis on physical strength when handling a dog. Though you can succeed in putting your dog to submission using force, it only makes them question your credibility of becoming a pack leader, as they will only see you as a bully.

How then do you become a pack leader?

All dogs no matter their location and breed, uses the same system in selecting their leader. To understand how this election system works, I recommend you download The 4 Part Video Courses below. It’s FREE!

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Here are important areas you have to be in control of.

  1. A pack leader is the one that keeps calm while the rest is barking, and this alerts you to danger. Your dog barks whenever she senses danger around your property.
  2. When taking a walk with your dog, he or she should never be the one pulling you even at the first stage of your walk. From what I have learnt, it is better you have to be the one walking your dog.
  3. If your dog sees you as the pack leader, then relaxing when they are at home won’t be much of a problem. If your dog is never relaxed even at home, then it is a good sign that they have taken over as pack leaders.
  4. The switching of your dog is dependent on how she greets you when you get back home. This tells the difference between the leader and the follower. You just afford not to watch the video.
  5. Finally, being the one to feed your dog establishes you as the actual pack leader. It is very effective to just ask your dog to sit. You have to prepare your mind for some surprises if your dog isn’t motivated by food.

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