If you want to understand how to stop dog aggression we must learn why it happens, how is it started, and most importantly how it is corrected.

Firstly, we try to understand why dogs become aggressive.

There is such a wide range of reasons it would be impossible to list them all but, they can mostly be categorized into two groups; dominate and fearful. Dominate dogs will attack even though they know there is an option to run away. Fearful dogs only become aggressive when there is no option to run.

The next step in understanding why our dogs become aggressive is to determine if the behavior is consistent or sporadic. The most important step is observing who your dog is aggressive towards; it could be other dogs, people, animals or objects.

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Dog Aggression

People Aggression

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Next we try to determine who starts it.

Sometimes we the owners are the reason behind our dog’s aggression. Perhaps we are just trying to play and our dog takes the signals in a different way. It is important for you to be able to realize your own mistakes and make corrections.

Secondly does your dog listen to you when you try to fix the behavior problem? If the answer is no then perhaps your dog doesn’t see you as the pack leader. Instead he is making the executive decisions on whether or not what you say is more important than what he is doing at the time. Meaning, when you tell your dog not to growl, that is less important than him growling so he will not listen because you are not the leader he is.

Typically dog aggression is usually started because the animal feels as though its life is being threatened. If you do not provide a safe comfortable place for your animal to live he will not trust you let alone listen to you.


The first step in correcting this behavior is to make sure your dog understands you are the pack leader of the house.

It is always easiest to start small; if your dog does not listen to you at home he will not behave on a walk or in the park. It is very important that you the pack leader do not become panic around things that trigger your dog. If you do your dog will sense your emotion and try to protect you. Stay calm and remember you are the leader, you are in control. Once your dog learns that you will be the one to decide between safe and danger he will become less concerned with protecting and more concerned with playing.

How do we notice if our efforts are paying off?

When you are out on your walk and you are coming up to a trigger point for your animal, you should notice him looking at you (the pack leader) for guidance through the situation. If you stay calm, your dog will notice and follow suite, if he does not quickly correct the behavior and continue on with your training.

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