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How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up


It is important you learn how to stop your puppy from jumping up if you own one.

It is a natural instinct for puppies to jump up especially when they are still in their tender age. They want to get your attention. When they are in wild, they do this to get their mother to regurgitate some food for them. It is your job to train your puppy on other healthy ways to get your attention instead of jumping, right when they are still tender. It may seem like fun when they are still young. But it won’t be fun when they are fully grown, reaching 30-40kg in weight, and can jump 5 foot or even more higher.

If you fail to stop them when they are still young, they will definitely jump at you when they are fully grown when they want to get your attention.

Ignore your puppy totally when they start jumping at you. Total ignorance; no eye contact, no touching and no speaking.

Still ignore them even when they have finally calmed down. Then call on them 5 minutes when they are fully settled.

If your puppy refuses stopping, then get them isolated by going out or moving them to another room.


When your puppy jumps at visitors

If your puppy gets jumping on at your visitors, then request they do as outline above. Another effective thing to do to hold them still using a collar, or leading them till they are fully relaxed. You can then release them. If your puppy tries mouthing you, the best thing to do is to get them isolated.

When your puppy jumps at you when making ready to take her for a walk

Walk out on them and then wait for at least 10 minutes for them to calm before making another attempt. Never take them for a walk in this state all because of impatience.

Important facts

When your puppy get jumping, it is important to resist the urge to say a word. Always bear in mind that these creatures will never stop for a moment to get your attention.  There many more healthy ways your puppy can make you feel missed instead of having to jump all over you.

Dogs value their space just like we humans do. If she ends up invading your space at the snap of the finger, it is just a matter of time before she finally loses respect for you.

I bet you feel irritated when your toddler keeps invading your space. The same goes with dogs.

Wait till your puppy gets calm before cuddling her again. When you want to ignore your puppy, ensure you give them a cold face when doing so, and do it with confidence and assertiveness.

Avoid these two common mistakes

  • Inconsistency; given attention to your puppy when they get jumpy.
  • Making eye contact with them. Doing so gives them an open invitation to do it again; fix your gaze somewhere else.

Another effective thing to do it to train them to sit up whenever they want to do something. Training them to sit all the times makes them form a habit out of it, and so won’t have to jump at you all the time.

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  1. Jane atherton

    Hi dan i took on a 9mth old male weinmaraner 5 days ago as previous owner can no longer handle hto,and was going to have him put to sleep.he is extremely spoilt previous owner would left him sleep on sofa,pull on lead,jump up,mouth you,constantly bark at ynightmare. Are first night was a nightmare he barked howled cried,scratched at door etc.he is improving will sleep in kitchen of a night without any tantrums now.but of a day is still crazy jumping up mouthing,pulling on lead.he is having over 4hrs exercise a day spread over 3 or 4 walks.he follows you around all the time and wont settle or sleep till night time.this is very restricting trying to do daily tasks when he cant be left alone. He goes nuts over having his feet washed an dried throughout the day bites anything he can get hold of,sometimes just avoids being caught to do his feet running around barking at you.when hes tied he is a lovely affectionate dog but 90% of the time hes a loon.we have had dogs and a weinmaraner in the past.but this guy is definatly challenging my elderly parents want him to be rehomed as they are mentally and physically worn out. Can you help pls . jane

  2. Lynn

    This is great info. Thank you.
    My three month old lab puppy gets very excited when people come to our house. I remove her from guests when they arrive and she is jumping on them. Is it a bad idea to put her in her crate to calm her down? Does that make her feel like her crate is a punishment? She currently likes her crate.

  3. Janet

    How to stop the next door neighbours dog from jumping up on our fence when we are outside in the garden , he hears our voices and charges at the fence and we have put a fine up and still runs and jumps up to look over

  4. Abbey

    Hi guys, we already had 2 dogs one an old kelpie and a Maltese schitzue. We decided to get one of the puppies from our kelpies litter. She has lots and lots of energy being a Labrador kelpie cross but I continued to wear her out. Though she was the runt she is quite small compared to her siblings but has learnt how to jump the fence by the other dog. She now jumps it every time the front door opens and jumps on anyone who enters the back yard. She can simply sit, shake and stay at the moment. Over the past 18 months we cannot handle her jumping the fence. I often come home from school and find all 3 dogs running around following the puppies behaviour. Several occasions out of excitement I have been bitten or scratched but I know she doesn’t intend to do it.
    Please she can be very smart but if I don’t find a way to help her we cannot keep her. I am in desperate help I am up for any suggestion. Thanks a heap. Abbey

  5. Amanda Campbell

    Our 5 month old Hungarian Vizsla jumps up at everyone, or at least tries to, he is wearing us out on walks with his bad behavior and is becoming stronger everyday. We have tried a number of different leashes/ harnesses/ collars that state the stop pulling and/or jumping up, none have worked so far. My daughter is in hysterics because he jumps up and bites her ( though he is getting better). We are at our wits end today as he tore off and I simply couldn’t keep hold of the leash, I know you shouldn’t chase them but what was I to do when he was next to a busy road with lots of people walking about. He is constantly hot and cold and we can’t keep up with it. Please help I will take any good advice.

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