Your dog understands the concept of going for a walk, but he may think it’s his job to take you for a walk. This is when the battle becomes psychological rather than physical. The first step of correcting any pack animal behavior is to make sure you are the pack leader inside the house before you even think about opening that door.

Understanding how to stop your dog from taking control of the walk is important for ever dog and its owner.

When your dog is embarrassingly dragging you down the street it is more than obvious he thinks he is the pack leader. There are a lot of amazing gadgets and collars you can buy for you animals now days, but let’s face it, they don’t solve the problem. If they do anything it’s just making the problem tolerable which just isn’t acceptable.

The fact is your dog already knows how to walk comfortably on a lead, the question is will he? It’s not really a problem of teaching your puppy or dog to go for walk, its letting your dog know you are in charge inside the house and outside. You have to let him know that this is not a free for all, we have an objective and it is the pack leaders job to make sure you reach your objective, it is your dog’s job to follow.
The video below will show you how to stop your dog from pulling on the Leash. Click on play button to watch it!

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If your dog loves walks and get excited just at the sight of the leash, wait until he calms down to put it on. This lets him know that you are not willing to take him if he is going to behave like a fool.

Practice walking inside, sounds crazy right? Once you put your dog on the leash does he immediately drag you to the door? If he does I guarantee he will do it outside, make him walk around the house for a while before heading to the door.

Teaching your dog the proper way to walk through doorways will help you more than you think. Always make sure you go through the doorway first and your dog does not push nor pull. This not only teaches him who the leader is, it teaches him manners and patients.

Once outside does your dog immediately pull you to the sidewalk? If so, make him walk around the yard, going around different obstacles. Let him know it’s a privilege to leave the yard and if he doesn’t listen you will not be going any further.


So you think you are ready to leave the yard?

Your dog will most defiantly test your boundaries, if your dog pulls out in front of you then calmly change direction, leaving your dog behind you.

If he drags backwards, or shoots in a different direction then gently but firmly hold the lead firm for 10 seconds, not making eye contact, then call your dog to follow. With no other options he will patiently follow.

Enjoy your walk.

It won’t take long for your dog to realize what you are trying to teach them. The most critical piece of advice yet is to NOT give in. As soon as you do, the dog wins.

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