Although Puppies are noteworthy and one of the best things to associate with in the world, their adorableness, however, can fade very fast at times, if puppy starts biting things from favorite home slippers to your hands. Good enough, there are a number of useful strategies of how a puppy should be stopped from biting. For most new pet owners, the idea of starting a training regimen can seem challenging. These challenges must be endured and learnt quickly because biting learnt by puppy can become a problem. So do not put off training to avoid having an aggressive and dominant biting puppy over a fun and cute one. Failure to keep training regimen could lead to a biting puppy- a character very difficult to correct over time. The ‘How’ are thus:

  1. Determine the cause

The first step in learning how to stop a puppy from biting is to determine what causes such behavior. After all, nipping and biting is a perfectly normal phase for your puppy to go through. Just like babies, teething puppies will take resort to chewing to relieve the discomfort. This is not the bite that occurs when the biting behavior worsens. Make sure you cheer your puppy positive efforts and discourage bad behavior.

  1. Avoid Physical Games but Promote Exercise

During the early stages of the puppy, it is important to prevent the puppy with rough housing or aggressive physical playing games. Avoid games that provoke aggression, such as wrestling, tug of war or hunting games. This type of physical play will only encourage your puppy to start nipping and biting;   and in excitement, they can quickly learn to associate biting with pleasure. On the way, as soon as your puppy learns that biting is not acceptable behavior, you can begin to incorporate physical games in the game time. Promoting exercise, on the other hand, is an excellent way to drift your puppy from biting. Besides the obvious health benefits, exercise helps boredom, which promotes biting in puppies.

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    Learn to give sharp rebuke

If your puppy starts nipping or biting at you, give him a sharp rebuke. You can also mimic a dog Yelp to make it easier for him.

Remove your hand slowly from his mouth and replace it with a chew toy. Do not jerk your hand away. It would only hurt, and your dog may think that you are playing instead.

If your puppy ignores your reaction and begins to bite, repeat the rebuke or whine, then leaves the room. This will lead him to think that he might lose his playmate. This is similar to what response he will get from another puppy if he has been too rough. Repeat this routine until you clear your puppy that biting is making painful and unacceptable. Be sure to train your puppy and never hit or apply severe corporal punishment. Aside from hurting your puppy, this could be the beginning of having an aggressive dog a behavior that precipitates as your puppy grows older.

  1. Reinforce Good Behavior

Every time your puppy likes your nice play or is not having the urge to bite, showering your affection for these with much praise. This will reinforce good behavior, and encourage your puppy to want to please you the more.

  1. Dog Obedience Training

It’s always a good idea to enroll your puppy in a dog obedience training class at about 6 months old. Socialize with other dogs is a great way to teach your dog boundaries and limitations while reinforcing positive behavior.

Above all, the most important key to learning on how to stop a puppy from biting is to comply with your work. Do not expect your dog to understand what you are trying to teach it on your first try. By following these simple steps, and with a continuous and consistent training, you can ensure that your little puppy will grow into a healthy, well-behaved dog.

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