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How To Stop Your Puppy From Toileting Inside Your House


There are some secrets you need to know regarding proper toileting training for your puppy.

Below are important facts to bear in mind when training your puppy to toilet in the right manner

    • It is not just babies that have need to toilet, puppies also do.

They don’t have to inform you when they have need to use the toilet. What really matters is taking them outside before they try toileting inside. This is your job, and you will have yourself to blame when they toilet inside.

Here’s a puppy potty training video, to watch it by clicking the ‘Play’ button.

    • The very first thing you will have to do is to show your puppy the exact spot to toilet.

To achieve this, all you need do is to take them outside when they want to toilet, and then give them rewards for going outside themselves. You will be surprised how quickly they will learn this etiquette when you give them rewards. Thinks of it as a small threat you give to your kid when they do right. They will definitely want that threat again and again and so they will want to toilet at the right spot so as to get the treat.


  • At a very tender age; say 8 weeks, your puppy’s bladder is still very underdeveloped and so they can only hold on for just 30 minutes, before they go for another round of toileting. You need to keep a watchful eye on them.
  • After every meal, your puppy will only have 60 seconds before the need for toileting arises.

You just need to take them outside. It is also needful to take them outside once they wake because their bladder is already filled from all they have eaten the previous night.

  • Enforce it on members of your household to use the word “go toilet”, as in so doing, your puppy will get to actual meaning of the word over time.
  • If your puppy fails to respond, then know they will still need some time, and the best thing to do will be to have their movement limited within a small area that can be easily cleaned, till they learn how to use the toilet.
  • Avoid the mistake of rubbing your puppy’s nose when teaching them this lesson.

A puppy’s nose nose is way more sensitive than that of a human, and so rubbing their nose won’t stop them from doing it again. This is because you leave them no idea the wrong they did, and so will do it again when no one is watching.

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  1. Tracey fitness

    My puppy is 10weeks old now…she was 8weeks wen I bought her….she is half Pomeranian half chihuahua…..she has puppy pads at back door…I had couple in other places too but my daughter who is vet nurse said two many will confuse her…I removed all but the ones at back door…my puppy chooses to toilet any where but the pads…bath mats,…front room carpet…kitchen and bathroom floor..iv repeatedly placed her on pads but she walks away..she opposed in one of my other dogs feeding Bowles…..for last few days been taking her out to garden..she will do wee an poop outside….but still does it wen she comes in….she went out at 5.45 am an then wen I came down 20 mins later she did wee x2 in space of a minute..I can’t leave her anywhere in house as she will pee pee…I hav another 21 month girl 3/4 Pom 1/4 chihuahua….iv never had this problem with her….an I have 12 1/2 yr old cavalier….iv had several dogs an never had any problem before…I wondered if she had any urinery infection so used test strip so,to,rule out any infection…..iv just read your article an watched your video…I’m going to try what you have said..use one area an keep her in smaller area…I do keep her in kitchen with me whenever I’m out there…imwould be so greatful for any help an advice you could give to me thanku

  2. Sandra

    Our dog is 6 months old she does both toilets outside first thing in the morning after that when we take her for walks during the day and we stay out a long time she’ll wee outside but comes indoors and then does a poo HELP we just don’t know what to do

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