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 – Does Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Program Really Work?


I have been struggling recently, trying to train my puppies, Emma and Toby. Like all puppies, they have trouble concentrating for more than a second or two. They find far too many interesting distractions to occupy them and, most of the time, simply refuse to listen to me. It’s as if they feel the house is theirs and I am just some sort of benevolent giant, here to keep them fed, watered and walked.

Recognizing my dog-training short-comings, I began researching dog training methods and local dog trainers. I quickly spotted one particular name cropping up regularly, an online dog trainer called Doggy Dan. I decided to have a closer look at what he offers.

The four-part video series

I duly registered my email address on his page. This allowed me free access to the initial Doggy Dan video series. From the first video it became apparent that Doggy Dan knows what he is talking about. These initial videos are the hook he uses to get you to invest in the rest of his training videos, so he will obviously not be giving away all his secrets. He does, though, give you enough information to begin implementing some basic training. You will very quickly begin to see differences in your dog.


As I said, this initial stage is completely free, giving you access to some great videos that really made a difference to me and my pups. I highly recommend you sign up and see if the videos work for you too. The first few are basically a free taster, so you have nothing to lose.

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The $1 trial

After watching, and implementing, the content of the initial four videos, it was inevitable that, when I learned of the $1 trial Doggy Dan offers, I dived straight in.


The content of the main website is amazing! Despite his slightly twee name, Doggy Dan has done a really good job of keeping the site clean and simple to operate. When you first join, you find a video explaining how he intends to teach you to teach your dog and instill the obedience you want. At this point he covers the importance of the Five Golden Rules to being pack leader, which, to your puppy, is what you need to be.

Doggy Dan recommends you begin with these Golden Rules to build the basics. I love how simple he makes the explanation of‘why’we have to begin here too.

Doggy Dan will tell you your dog is still 65-70% wolf. That’s right, even after hundreds of years of breeding they are still primarily wolf, and this means he or she is still very much a pack animal. Before you can even begin to take control of your dog, and train them to do what you want, you have to become the leader of your pack.

Some of you reading this may already see yourself as the leader of your pack, but why? Because you shout at your dog to make him or her obey you? Or perhaps you demonstrate a dominance over them that means you are in control?

Until you have listened to Doggy Dan, and appreciate how canine social mechanics are completely different to that of humans, you will not truly understand how to take control of the pack. For this reason, if for no other, I would highly recommend signing up for the $1 trial.

Take Advantage of the $1 Trial for 3 Days Here

What changes can I expect to see in my dogs, and how soon?


I began implementing the five golden rules with my dogs and saw an immediate difference. Now, I’m not going to try tell you that they were the best behaved dogs in the world as a result of the initial training, but there was definitely a surprisingly quick improvement. Doggy Dan, it seemed, knows his stuff!

One of the rules involves food. To be fair to Doggy Dan, I can’t tell you more than that here, but when I introduced Toby to the rule, he reacted immediately, just as Doggy Dan said he would. Toby, bless him, simply sat watching me for an hour before eating his food. A small thing, granted, but a big step forward in the relationship between my puppies and me.

Two weeks later I was seeing many more improvements in the pups’ behavior, the main one being that they didn’t fight each other as much as they had before. Doggy Dan explains this happened because, until I began to assert myself as their pack leader, both pups instinctively sought to impose themselves on the other. In their dog world every pack has to have a leader, and each of them wanted to be it. Of course, they still play-fight, but since I asserted myself as pack leader, nowhere near as often, or as aggressively, as before.

So Who is the online dog trainer Doggy Dan


Daniel Abdelnoor, AKA ‘Doggy Dan’, says he has always had a natural connection with dogs. Fully endorsed by the Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) as a professional dog trainer, Dan hails from Auckland in New Zealand.

As you might expect, Dan is an avid activist for animal rights, but he is much more than that. He is an accomplished teacher, author and public speaker. A great believer in improving the relationship between man and canine, he wrote the well-received, best-selling training manual, ‘What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent’. The success of his book led to many of his readers asking for more. Dan quickly realized the written word was good, and was a start for some people in training their dogs, but that many still struggled and wanted more. More information, more advice, more guidance. It was at that point Dan realized many of his techniques would be so much easier to communicate using a series of video films.

Dan also realized dog owners needed a space to discuss their worries and concerns, and that they craved more in-depth guidance. Where some owners were able to take their dogs to obedience classes, others struggled to find the time. Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer program was born. He recognized that providing in-depth guidance in a book or TV show wouldn’t work for all, as not everyone needs the same level of detail, and, of course, every dog is different. One of the key early videos in The Online Dog Trainer series, explains to owners how they can identify the individual behavioral issues and traits affecting their pooch. As you would expect from a high quality dog training program, it then goes on to offer solutions to these common issues.

The Lessons

Each lesson Doggy Dan teaches begins with a video explaining everything you need to know. This is then usually followed by another video in which Doggy Dan, himself, demonstrates how to put the lesson into practice with a dog. For the purposes of the videos, and to keep them real, Dan doesn’t use his own well trained dog. Instead, for these demonstrations, he uses dogs he doesn’t necessarily know. They are live illustrations of lessons Dan is teaching in an independent dog owner’s home.


In keeping with Doggy Dan’s growing reputation as the ‘complete’ dog trainer, there are video lessons covering every dog issue you could possibly be struggling with.

  • Pulling On the Leash
  • Dog Running Away
  • Dog Aggression
  • Barking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dog Jumping Up
  • Hyperactivity
  • Not Coming When Called, or The Recall Problem
  • Obsessive Behavior

This is just a small selection of the list that is available. Basically, if you have a problem with your dog, Doggy Dan will have the answer.

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Nothing in life is perfect, so learning to train your dog online must have a drawback somewhere

Okay, so I’m a fan of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer program. That doesn’t mean I didn’t find a downside. I did. And it is this: Communication. What do I mean? Well, if you’re anything like me, you will have a lot of questions, especially when trying something new, and, let’s face it, we all love our dogs. We want to be proud of them. Their well-being, and behavior, is an emotive subject. We will naturally want to ask a million questions in our efforts to understand them. The drawback of video training is that you don’t have that instant input of a live trainer. You watch the video and listen as Doggy Dan explains why a particular behavior issue occurs, but what do you do if you need more information or you are just interested to know more?

You will probably not be surprised to learn that Doggy Dan has thought of this too. Once you subscribe to his program you’ll be happy to know you can nip over to the dedicated forum he has established. Here, there is a very active community of like-minded dog owners and experts, all just waiting to answer your questions or chat to you about your dogs.

The forum seems to be active 24 hours a day. Not surprising as Dan has happy customers all over the world. And I can say, from experience, they are, indeed, a very friendly bunch.

If you find yourself struggling with an aspect of a lesson, you can simply log into the forum and post up a question. The responses will pour in. Doggy Dan is also often live in the forum answering the questions that get posted up.

If your dog just cannot behave, or has a habit that drives you mad, you need Doggy Dan, the man with all the answers.

One of the slightly unexpected benefits of becoming a member of the Doggy Dan worldwide membership, is the way my relationship with my pups has changed, and improved out of all recognition. I have loved getting to know my dogs better from their canine point of view. They, in turn, are happier, more contented dogs, secure in their world and their pack. I have watched with pride and affection as they have progressed through the lessons.


One word of caution. The lessons in the videos are so good it there is a temptation to go too far too soon. Don’t over-train your dog, don’t push him or her too far too soon just because the information is there.

Take your time and enjoy bonding with them. I have successfully made a considerable dent in my own dogs behavioral issues, and I’d love to hear about how you get on with yours.

So that’s it. My review of Doggy Dan and his Online Dog Training. If you have read this far and are still with me, then I’m sure you have already realized how your dog, and you, would benefit from having such all-encompassing training available, literally, at your fingertips.

Try the program and see for yourself. Sign up to Doggy Dan’s Online Training now and enjoy your first videos free. Try the training, get an idea of what it’s all about, see the difference in your dog. After that I’m confident you will be a convert – just like me. And within a few short weeks I’ll be seeing you participating on the forum, sharing your successes, and, within a few weeks, perhaps even answering questions from new-comers!

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