Dog and Puppy Behavior Training Tips for Beginners

Top 3 Dog and Puppy Behavior Training Tips for Beginners

The first time you bring home your puppy and dog, do not expect their perfect behavior. You have to see them as one who practically does not know anything. It’s up to you to lead them to become a well-behaved puppy or dog. Training pets like dog and puppy can be very demanding. It is for this reason that there are numerous online resource sites with professional tips for one to follow safe and caring training technique.

Successful training requires absolute dedication by the owner or trainer. You can train the dog to come when called, stop barking at your visitors, sit or stand when you command, pee in the right place and many other behaviors that you appease. Training your pets will help develop and improve the relationship between the two of you.

Understand their behavior – this is necessary for potty coaching. The puppy once it lands in the house has no rules, and does not know whether it is time to defecate. Without training, you cannot just expect them to defecate in the right place. You need to know what time they normally go, and where they like to defecate. If you know their behavior and pattern, you can instantly create a plan on how to personally conduct a puppy potty training.


Here are the best behavior training tips for beginner and expert dog keepers

1. Get Your Dog’s Mind


This is the first and simplest step canine training techniques. You must do this within the first few days of training. This may take several weeks to achieve especially if it’s a new dog or puppy, but it is always advisable to start with a puppy, unlike an adult dog. Failure to win the spirit of your dog means that you will have problems during the internship period. You have to watch the dogs to look up to you for all decisions in the first phase.

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2. Motivate Your Dog

You have to discover what your dog enjoys. Give them a reward of a treat or affection every time it does what you want. Most dogs like to go for a walk with the owner, frequent exercises, and games (especially outside). You should always go with your pets during these activities. Make these fun moments. Some dogs love retrieving training, others like agility while many love obedience training techniques. Some will even go to the extent to like what they see you do it regularly. It is always important to keep your anger in order not to show the dogs. Other dogs love to swim in water and retrieving swimming objects. You have to work with your dogs to find out what it likes. You can then reward that often access to these activities.

The three major awards including dog food, affection and toys.

Food: A piece of sausage for good performance will work perfectly for most dogs, while other dog products are also recommended.

Other Food Reward Dog Training Tips include the following:

  • Always vary food rewards for your dog
  • Do not give food rewards to your dog every time. even though it works perfectly for most dogs.
  • Never let your dogs to know what you will give them as reward.
  • Do not reward your dog if the dog doesn’t come first time

3. Encourage frequent Practice

Frequent practice is the key to achieving perfection. it is really important that you need to Learn how to motivate your dog and show your dog what you want. It is important that you should always discourage negative training. Focus should be put on positive behaviors. You should realize that dog is man’s best friend and understanding its behavior and importance to the society is a major step in achieving quick results during the training process.

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