A newborn puppy urgently and necessarily needs basic training especially during the first few weeks. This period for the puppy at home is really crucial to deal with. Firstly, the area of the puppy should be kept clean as much as possible to avoid skin infections or to prevent the health break. The set-up needs few items such as a crate or a soft bed, a separate bowl of food and water, leash, collar, puppy chow, toys and balls for games etc. Besides all these, there are needs to have a supportive and affectionate family to get along with for the new structure, rules, and responsibilities to have meaningful training impact.

There are many dog owners who want to know what they can do to train their dog to do basic tricks, and if you’re one of those people, you want to take a look at some of the different ways to do this. Training your dog to do just about any trick is just a matter of consistent followership and positively disposition to adhere to these few tricks. When training your dog, never use negative support. The dog did not do anything wrong, he’s just learning the trick at his own pace.

Teach your dog how to sit:  you just need to position him or her and give your dog a treat. Finally, after you do this a few times, your dog will begin to recognize that the action of sit is compensated with a treat. This is simple science, using association and support to get your dog to do what you want him.


Teaching your dog to bark on command is a little different. When your dog barks naturally, give him a command and “speak” the order at the same time he is barking, followed by praise and a treat. The same kind of logic is true; your dog will ultimately get the trick after you do it a few times.

It is very important for you to understand that all dogs are not alike in the sense that they do not all learn at the same pace. So be patient to adhere to their own pace. If your dog is having trouble learning a specific trick; do not punish or be frustrated; just keep doing it and eventually your dog will learn. These tricks are always best learned when your dog is a puppy, but any dog of any age can learn them as well.


The first few weeks are very important of course for their health. Puppies need a lot of rest and sleep. They should never get flooded with constant activities and games. Rather, it is better to leave puppies alone if they look sleepy after a soft play. Mainly everyone shows tremendous excitement and care for the puppy, but later, in most cases hardly give them the attention they need as the grow.

Puppies learn everything very quickly with proper instructions. It is very important not to confused the feeding time of the puppy else boarding and whine when maintaining hungry. Also, the owner should maintain an individual bowl for the puppy for feeding in order to limit the puppy from taking food elsewhere. It is strongly forbidden.

Night and day, puppy should not be left alone most of the time; so that the puppy will not get used to it from the very beginning. Since puppies easily get affected to the owner. It is better to immediately implement the training than restricting them.

Puppies should never be treated with aggressive assignments. Instead of training should be given by means of a playful gentle and affectionate manner. They need to be surrounded with a playful environment with balls and toys and chew foods; and should be encouraged to play with them. These are good for their jaw bones and teeth. During this era, each puppy is prone to chew furniture, shoes socks or what he gets across its way. They should be immediately restricted from doing this evil with a firm command negative affirmative; and immediately given their own toys or chew things.

A consistent medical care must be taken to a healthy pup. Puppies are very susceptible to various diseases. Therefore, they should be vaccinated. Until they fully vaccinated and proclaimed safe iex by the vet, they should never be allowed to go outside.

Now, after a few weeks when the puppy becomes a well-mannered adult dog, it’s time for him to conduct formal training to socialize with others to inculcate civilized manners. Dogs kept on the leash all the time; and not familiar with other people or animals, increasingly become furious , aggressive and extremely anxious.

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