It is saddening watching people with fearful dogs who in an attempt to take corrective measures end up messing things up all together. In every pack of fearful dogs you see, a strong pack leader is always missing among them, and their owners are generally very nice set of people. People who desire their dogs to live a happy and fun filled live just like every other dog.

Most of them don’t really know what to do about a fearful dog. They fail to understand that they are in actual sense trying to make the dogs believe that they are the pack leaders, and dogs resent this. It is always a bad idea to mount pressure on dogs no matter what.

Let me create a picture. Let’s say you are just about 5 years, you find yourself walking through the dark woods with your sister. All of a sudden, you hear a strange noise, or see a creepy creature you have never seen before. I bet you will shake to your boo. But if you had gone along with your Daddy, then you know there is definitely nothing to be afraid of. He is sure to protect you. This is true for dogs as well. Making them the pack leader scares them, making them scuttle for safety.

Your dog is mounted with the pressure of responsibility and unlike we humans; they don’t know how to manage pressure.


Don’t know what to do about a fearful dog? Here are some important points to bear in mind

  • They are open to change but never push it too hard on them
  • You have to make them believe you are their pack leader

If you aren’t too sure of how to be a pack leader to them, do something about it. Ask friends to ignore your dog the first time they meet her. It is best to wait for some moment the first time you meet a dog before calling her. If she declines your call, then it is a sign that she is scared of you and so the best thing to do is to let her be. There are lots of online video that will teach you what to do about your fearful do. Watch them and do something about what you have learnt.

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